Holding the wedding party in a hotel was the norm in Portugal for many years. Nowadays, many couples are rediscovering these precious gems, and as a result, they are becoming increasingly popular!

Find out why more and more couples are choosing hotels and delighting their guests.

For many years, among the wealthier social classes, hosting a wedding party in a hotel was the norm. Due to financial constraints, the majority of the population would opt to hold their wedding celebrations in community halls or, in some cases, in restaurants with suitable capacity.

In the 90's, started to emerge specialised wedding venues and rural estates, that specialise on wedding parties and very fast become the norm here in Portugal.

With the competition from these wedding venuesGradually, hotels lost prominence due to competition. Fortunately, in recent years, they have been regaining their former splendor, and more and more couples are choosing to celebrate their wedding in a hotel.

Wedding at a Hotel - Pestana Palace Hotel - Lisbon
Hotel Pestana Palace - Lisbon

The advantages of celebrating a wedding in a hotel

We are hotel weddings fans! 

The benefits are numerous, and, moreover, they have a very special glamour and refinement.

Let's list some of the advantages for you to make your decisions:

1 – Decor and Ambiances

In Lisbon, its surroundings, and, in general, throughout the country, we have hundreds of hotels, both historical and modern, with beautiful architecture and matching interiors.

These environments, usually designed and crafted by the most renowned architects and interior decorators, are immediately very photogenic.

Wedding at Palacio Estoril Hotel by Boris the Cat Wedding Photographers
Palácio Estoril, Hotel & Spa

2 – Professional and Specialized Staff

The hotel staff is highly specialized, experienced, and professionally trained to handle a wedding party.

Attention to detail is a constant, and rarely does anything go amiss in the service.

Unlike some wedding estates, where most of the staff are temporary and have minimal professional training, the attention to detail is often lacking.

Wedding at Pestana Palace Hotel, Lisbon
Hotel Pestana Palace - Lisbon

3 – Provision of Rooms for the Bride, Groom, and Guests.

When a couple hires a hotel for their wedding party, it is customary for the hotel to provide some rooms. These rooms can be used for the wedding night and for the preparation of the bride and groom!

In the case of having guests traveling from afar, it is a bonus if they can stay at the hotel. It simplifies all logistics and adds another level of comfort.

Wedding at Real Villa Italia - by Boristhecat.com
Grand Real Villa Itália Hotel & SPA – Cascais

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4 – Hygiene and Safety

Hotels are subject to strict scrutiny by health authorities. Therefore, knowing that mistreating their guests is not worthwhile, they do not take risks when it comes to hygiene and safety.

Wedding at Palácio de Seteais
Palacio de Seteais interior

5 – Everything in the Right Measure

Due to the refinement, meticulous branding, and know-how, a wedding in a good hotel is always a perfect experience! Because everything is done in the right measure, especially the quantities of food and drink!

At weddings in hotels, it's rare to witness the scandalous wastage of food that we often see in many wedding estates. However, we notice that no one goes hungry, let alone thirsty! 

Wedding at hotel Vila Italia - Cascais

6 – Excellent Value for Money 

There are prices to suit every budget.
But, based on our clients' feedback, we realize that even in the most luxurious hotels, prices are below or on par with those charged by the best wedding estates!

Usually, the prices are final, and there are no hidden costs. So, don't be alarmed when you see a per-person price higher than in most wedding estates because they won't charge you for extras that, in other places, might incur additional charges.

Of course, there are still wedding estates that, due to their excellent conditions and the effort of their owners and teams, remain good options. We do not, in any way, want to depreciate these wedding venues.

Albatroz Hotel - Cascais
Albatroz Hotel - Cascais

Recommended Hotels for Weddings

There are amazing hotels for weddings throughout Portugal. The options are truly vast and of great quality, but here are some of the best wedding hotels in the Lisbon area.

Check it out:

Pestana Palace Lisboa

Grande Real Villa Itália Hotel & Spa

Hotel Tivoli Palácio de Seteais – Sintra

Hotel Palácio Estoril

Hotel Albatroz

If you're hosting your wedding party in a hotel, be sure to get in touch 🙂

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