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Wedding at Palacio Estoril Hotel by Boris the Cat Wedding Photographers
Lisbon Wedding Photographers, Cascais, Portugal

Testimonials from couples who
gave us the privilege of
being their photographers


We could write pages and pages about us, about the extraordinary quality of our photos, and all the services we have for you. In truth, it's all in vain!
No one better to speak about us than the couples who granted us the privilege of witnessing the birth of their new families! They are the authority to speak!
Here, we have compiled some of the reviews they kindly left for us.

Summary by A.I.

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Our couples tend to write a lot about our services. To simplify your reading, we input all the reviews into chat.gpt and asked it to extract the 10 characteristics that our clients most mention when working with us.
But don't stop here, read below for some real reviews .  

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  • Personal Empathy: Highlight for empathy, creating a connection from the first meeting.
  • Natural and Luminous Photos: Capture of natural moments with ambient light.
  • Professionalism and Friendliness: Professionalism and friendliness highlighted in quick responses and constant support.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Flexibility to meet specific requests.
  • Prompt Delivery: Prompt and efficient delivery of photographs.
  • Natural Guidance on Photoshoots: Ability to guide and create naturalness during photoshoots.
  • Capture of Special Moments: Emphasis on capturing special and emotional moments.
  • Camaraderie and Good Humor: Camaraderie and good humor generating relaxed and authentic photographs.
  • Respect for Moments and Timings: Respect for important moments and precise timing adherence.
  • Quality and Sensitivity in Photos: Quality and sensitivity evident with attention to detail.

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"Left us in tears when we saw our wedding photos."



Miguel is super attentive, available, and a detail-oriented person. He made sure we were always comfortable and respected all our requests for photos and moments during the wedding!
During the event, we didn't even notice him, but at the same time, we saw that he was "always there," on top of everything!
Moreover, he's an amazing person.
We couldn't have chosen better!
Thank you, Miguel!


"The commitment to tell OUR story is unparalleled."



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"The entire Boris The Cat team was amazing and exceeded our expectations.

We met Miguel through the internet, had a meeting, and immediately knew he was the right person to capture our day!
The pre wedding day photoshoot exceeded our expectations, always making us feel at ease, with many moments of laughter in between. Very friendly, helpful, and very patient. The entire Boris The Cat team was amazing and exceeded our expectations.
We highly recommend.
Thank you very much for everything.

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"It's amazing how emotions shine through in every image."
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