If you're planning your wedding in the Lisbon area, consider Quinta dos Machados. Located in Mafra, where you'll find this venue that stands out as a perfect setting to celebrate this special day in your lives. As a professional wedding photographer with 25 years of experience, I've had the opportunity to capture several weddings at this charming venue, and I'm here to share with you why Quinta dos Machados is one of the best available options in the region.

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Nature and Charm

The, Quinta dos Machados Is a true refugie!
Isolated enough from urban areas, surrounded by nature where you breathe fresh air, and time seems to slow down. 

This property, located between the villages of Gradil and Azueira in Mafra, spans 11 hectares of land. It is a historic estate that offers a unique combination of natural beauty and rustic charm. 

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Full of green nooks and outdoor spaces with the potential to turn every moment of your big day into special memories. It also features a beautiful pine grove that can create a magical atmosphere for your wedding ceremony. 

That was the choice of the couple I || B.
The pine grove was used as the setting for their symbolic wedding ceremony, which, on a very warm summer afternoon, helped mitigate the temperatures with the shade of the pine trees. Just imagine yourself saying "I do" in this pine grove, surrounded by the tranquility of nature and the singing of birds.

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Quinta dos Machados Countryside Hotel & Spa

The wedding venue at Quinta dos Machados is part of the small rural hotel Quinta dos Machados Countryside Hotel & Spa, which offers all the amenities of a 4-star hotel. 

So close to Lisbon and Mafra (30 minutes from the center of Lisbon), it features several buildings, including an older construction, the former manor house where event spaces are located, and a modern building designed for hotel accommodation. Together, they offer a total of 29 double occupancy rooms at your disposal. This is a significant advantage, especially if you're considering accommodating guests from other areas of the country and abroad. You can also use rooms for the preparation moments, saving you the hassle of making multiple trips on your wedding day.

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In addition to a magnificent restaurant, this rural hotel features a fabulous swimming pool and offers its guests a range of experiences such as spa treatments, beautiful walks or bike rides through the fields, possibly including a picnic, interaction with animals, stargazing, and relaxing moments of reading in the pine grove in a small library built for this purpose.

Due to its excellent location, it benefits from the proximity to Mafra and Ericeira, which are perfect places to explore, both for their landscapes and the cultural offerings available. Noteworthy is the Mafra's National Palace, the Tapada de Mafra and the magnificent beaches of Ericeira, along with all the tourist attractions that this small village can offer you.

Unique experience for wedding couples at Quinta dos Machados - 0584 20230805 wed i+b

History and Tradition

With 4 centuries of history, Quinta dos Machados is a place that breathes tradition. 

The thick stone walls, old doors, and architectural details of Portuguese design tell stories of times gone by that make us dream. 

As a photographer, I love exploring these elements and incorporating them into my photos. Each image captured at Quinta dos Machados is a tribute to the Portuguese cultural heritage and the authenticity of this space.

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Quality Gastronomy

A wedding is not complete without a memorable gastronomic experience.
The restaurant at Quinta dos Machados offers a carefully curated selection of delicious dishes, inspired by the Mediterranean diet and using local ingredients. The bride and groom, along with their guests, can enjoy a high-quality meal prepared with great care and attention.

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Charming Spaces

Upon arrival, we are welcomed by a narrow Portuguese cobblestone road, lined with charming cypress trees. In the distance, we catch sight of the manor house and are immediately captivated by the beauty of traditional Portuguese architecture. 

This narrow road, under the right lighting conditions, is, by itself, a fantastic backdrop for unique and very romantic photos.

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Quinta dos Machados offers two large indoor spaces for the celebration of the wedding: 

  • The banquet hall - A vast yet elegant and highly versatile space that allows for different configurations for your celebration.
  • The old olive press - A spacious area that still preserves the original olive press and can be used for various purposes. It is commonly used as a covered space for the ceremony and, on days with more unpredictable weather conditions, it can serve as a backup plan if you choose to use the pine grove.

- A spacious area that retains the original olive press and can be utilized for various purposes. It is frequently employed as a covered space for the ceremony, and in days with less predictable weather conditions, it can serve as a backup plan if you decide to use the pine grove. 

In the pine grove, it's also possible to have an al fresco dinner if you wish!

0434 20230805 wed i+b

Next to the banquet hall, there is a generous Portuguese cobblestone patio bordered by well-maintained shrubs. This area can be used for the reception cocktail and even for an outdoor meal, as was the choice of the couple I || B, who reserved the hall only for the evening celebration.

The details of the decoration are always charming, creating a welcoming atmosphere for the bride and groom and their guests. 

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Unique Experience

Each wedding at Quinta dos Machados is a unique experience. As a photographer, I have the privilege of having witnessed the joy and emotion of several couples who chose this venue for their charmingly Portuguese weddings. 

The couples can personalize every detail, from the decoration to the menu, and thus make their wedding day even more special. 

The team at the venue is always ready to help and ensure that everything runs perfectly. They are very friendly and attentive.

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In summary, Quinta dos Machados is more than just a wedding venue; it is a place where memories are created, where stories are told in a genuine atmosphere with all the amenities. If you're looking for an authentic space, surrounded by nature, and with a touch of magic, be sure to consider Quinta dos Machados for your wedding.

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Website: https://www.quintamachados.com/

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +351 261 961 279

Google Maps: https://maps.app.goo.gl/684FVr6LqPMzg18B6

Address: Quinta dos Machados, E.N. 8, Barras, 2665-006 Azueira – Portugal

Frequent Asked Questions.

Quinta dos Machados combines the optimal and balanced conditions of nature, history and gastronomic quality. Its outdoor spaces and peaceful environment create a magical setting for celebrating any wedding.

The couples have the freedom to personalize every detail, from the decoration to the menu. The venue's team is always available to help make the day unique and memorable.

The restaurant offers quality gastronomy, featuring dishes based on the Mediterranean diet and the use of local ingredients.

The venue has a large and versatile banquet hall and the old Olive Press. Additionally, the gardens and outdoor areas provide options for outdoor weddings and meals.

With 4 centuries of history, the venue features authentic and traditional Portuguese architectural elements, such as stone walls and old doors. These details create a connection with the past and add charm to the venue.

Each wedding at Quinta dos Machados is a unique experience, personalized according to the couple's wishes. The dedicated team and enchanting spaces ensure that the day is unforgettable.


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Due to our profession, we can consider ourselves true specialists in wedding venues, so we decided to write a series of articles to inform, help, and share our experience with all couples.

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