Quinta do Torneiro, in Lisbon, Oeiras, Porto Salvo, is an incredible venue to make your wedding day unforgettable. With a historical heritage dating back to the 18th century, this estate provides a sophisticated and refined atmosphere, perfect for couples seeking a touch of seventeenth-century charm.

The Quinta do Torneiro

History and Geographics

Quinta do Torneiro is a property rich in historical heritage, located in Oeiras, Porto Salvo, very close to Lisbon. Founded in 1734, it was owned by various prominent figures, including the 1st Viscount of Porto Salvo. Today, the estate has been converted into an event space, ideal for hosting special events such as weddings, family gatherings, and corporate events.

Architecture and Outdoor Spaces

The stunning and meticulously maintained gardens of Quinta do Torneiro provide the perfect setting for outdoor ceremonies, surrounded by an atmosphere of peace and serenity.

They invite beautiful moments of conviviality and even a delightful alfresco meal on warmer evenings. The estate also features a French garden and a beautiful 17th-century chapel, offering a romantic and pleasant backdrop.

Architecture and of Indoor Spaces

The event halls at Quinta do Torneiro are exquisite and richly decorated, providing a sophisticated atmosphere for any celebration, especially weddings. The manor house of the estate is a very welcoming space, ideal for greeting guests with charm and tradition. Rooms, small salons, and grand halls, all in the style of romantic architecture, provide more than enough reason for enjoyable moments and, of course, an incredible setting for photos.
The elegant vintage decoration, accentuated by abundant Portuguese tile panels, delights foreign guests less accustomed to this unique and very Portuguese detail.

Services of Quinta do Torneiro

It was a great and pleasant surprise for us to learn that this magnificent venue had recently reopened after being closed for some years.
Quinta do Torneiro is once again a reference in the Lisbon area, thanks to the incredible Lisbon Wedding Planners,who are an international reference in destination weddings in Portugal.  

By choosing Quinta do Torneiro for your wedding, you will have a dedicated and experienced team ready to make your day even more special. 

The venue offers high-quality catering services with personalized options to satisfy the most discerning gastronomic preferences. Additionally, the possibility to customize the decoration allows each couple to imprint their style and personal taste in every detail of the event.

Touristic Offer in Oeiras and Cascais Coast Line

The town of Oeiras and the entire Cascais line are part of what we call the "triangle marvel": Sintra, Lisbon, Cascais. They provide a comprehensive and diverse tourist offering to your guests who come from afar. From beaches to beautiful countryside landscapes, the Sintra Mountains, and, of course, the city of Lisbon with its endless cultural offerings, these locations can turn into a true opportunity for a getaway or mini-vacation for many of your guests. 

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In summary, Quinta do Torneiro offers a unique experience for couples seeking a venue with history, charm, and refinement to celebrate their wedding. With a heritage dating back centuries and infrastructure prepared to meet the needs of special events, this estate is truly a treasure in Lisbon, Oeiras, Porto Salvo.

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Frequent Asked Questions

Yes, the wedding venue Quinta do Torneiro in Lisbon, Oeiras, has partnerships with renowned catering companies that can provide an unforgettable gastronomic experience for your wedding.

Yes. At Quinta do Torneiro you will find many spaces for both the ceremony and the celebration, providing a complete experience in the same location.

Yes, the estate has ample parking available.

Yes, the venue's team is available to assist in customizing the spaces according to the preferences of the couple.

Yes, the venue offers a main suite and 5 rooms that can be used by the bride and groom and their guests.

The venue has flexibility regarding timings, but any restrictions should be discussed with the team at the time of booking.