Getting married at the charming Quinta do Roseiral, located in Ericeira, is the perfect choice for couples seeking an elegant celebration full of charm and beauty. Situated in an area surrounded by lush vegetation, Quinta do Roseiral provides the ideal setting for unforgettable weddings.

Quinta do Roseiral at a wedding day

Will it be the venue of your Dreams?

A Unique Wedding Venue in Ericeira

Quinta do Roseiral stands out as a unique venue in Ericeira, with the potential to provide an exclusive experience for your guests. With a perfect combination of nature, elegance, and efficient service, this charming venue offers versatile spaces for all types of parties and receptions.

Big hall at Quinta do Roseiral in Ericeira

Facilities: diversity and size

The facilities at Quinta do Roseiral are truly amazing, standing out for their diversity and size, which allows for numerous possibilities.

But let's start from the beginning.

Geographically, the property, spanning over 20 hectares, is located in a valley, offering a very pleasant view on the way there. It is indeed a very enjoyable journey, specially if you decide to take the national road!

Couple at Quinta do Roseiral on their wedding day

Right at the entrance, it is noteworthy for its spacious parking lot with capacity for several hundred vehicles. On a event day, parking is organized by some venue's staff members, thus ensuring that all your guests park in a way that allows the exit of other vehicles.

It is also noticeable the care taken with the various landscaped spaces.

On the inside, Quinta do Roseiral, has 3 main halls:

  • Rosa Santa Teresinha Hall
  • Rosa Tea Hall
  • Rosa Áqua Hall

The Rosa Santa Teresinha Hall is the area where the reception cocktail is usually served. It is a covered winter garden, which, on rainy days, allows your event to proceed without any setbacks. With over 1000 m2, it can accommodate hundreds of people. It also has a space for a dance floor and a fixed bar.

The Rosa Tea Hall, a versatile area with over 1000 m2 and a ceiling height of 7m, can be used as a dining hall.

The Rosa Aqua Hall, located on a slope, with about 2300 m2, is an all-glass space with a fantastic view of the valley. It has a mobile bar and a quite generous dance floor.

Rosa Áqua Hall at the Wedding Venue Quinta do Roseiral
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Whenever we visit this venue, we notice that every detail is carefully thought out to create a sophisticated atmosphere. The venue has a lot of furniture that adds a very elegant touch to the entire space. Given its dimensions, we believe it must not be easy to make such a large space feel so welcoming. They have achieved it masterfully!

The Charm of getting Married at Quinta do Roseiral

Natural Beauty in Every Corner

A Quinta do Roseiral é um verdadeiro paraíso para os amantes da natureza. Com jardins exuberantes e vistas deslumbrantes, cada canto é um belo motivo para apreciar e, porque não para uma foto 😉  Os vossos convidados vão ser envolvidos por uma atmosfera de serenidade e beleza natural, que vão tornar a vossa festa de casamento numa experiência inesquecível.

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Details that Make a Difference

Attention to detail is unparalleled. From the exquisite decoration to the impeccable service, every element is carefully thought out to exceed your expectations. Couples can expect a personalized experience, reflecting their unique vision of a perfect wedding.

Excellent Food

The cuisine offered at Quinta do Roseiral is an experience in itself. With a carefully crafted menu, the couples and their guests will be treated to delicious dishes that satisfy the most discerning palates. 

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The venue focus is on traditional Portuguese cuisine, varied, tasteful, and prepared on-site by their own catering service. The magnificent buffets stand out with an incredible variety of delicacies, and, as always, presented in an exemplary manner. 

Quinta do Roseiral - Ericeira | A charming Wedding
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Ericeira – Um Destino Perfeito para Casamentos

Seaside Charm

Ericeira, with its stunning beaches, is the perfect destination for weddings, especially for those coming from afar. A small fishing village that invites you to spend a few days of rest before or after the wedding, with a sufficient and quality tourist and hotel offer.

Access: Very Close to Lisbon

At about 35 km from the center of Lisbon, currently well served by highways, you can reach Quinta do Roseiral in about 25 minutes.

The charming town of Ericeira offers convenient access for your guests, with well-developed infrastructure and accommodation options nearby, making the logistics of your wedding at Quinta do Roseiral even simpler and more efficient.


By choosing Quinta do Roseiral in Ericeira for your wedding, you are opting for a unique and memorable experience for your guests. From the natural beauty to the impeccable details of the decoration, every element is designed to create a charming atmosphere. It's worth a visit!

Technical Sheet
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Frequent Asked Questions

Quinta do Roseiral provides various charming options for ceremonies. From lush gardens to spacious halls, couples can choose the venue that best reflects their unique vision of a perfect wedding.

The catering at Quinta do Roseiral is an excellent gastronomic experience. With a carefully crafted menu, prepared on-site by their own catering service.

Yes, Quinta do Roseiral has experienced professionals who can assist in planning the entire event. From decoration to logistical details, the team is committed to providing a worry-free day.

Yes, there is accommodation available near Quinta do Roseiral. The charming village of Ericeira, with its well-developed infrastructure and quality lodging options, offers convenient access for your guests. 

Scheduling a visit to Quinta do Roseiral is easy. Just get in touch with them by following the info provided at the tech sheet.