Among so many Wedding Venues,today we bring you "O Forte" a well-kept secret!
Finding "THE" place that combines beauty, exclusivity, and at the same time, meets all the necessary logistical conditions is a challenging task. What if there was a secret place, surrounded by history and charm, with an incredible panoramic view capable of transforming your wedding into a unique and unforgettable event?

Sea front wedding venue in Cascais, Lisbon: O Forte - Guincho Secret Spot.

Unveiling the Secret - O Forte - Guincho Secret Spot

O Forte - Guincho Secret Spot is built up on the ancient Crismina's Fort.
The construction is part of the coastal artillery military complex to defend the entrance to the Tagus River. The forts along the south and north banks of the river were built in the 17th century to protect the city of Lisbon from unwanted vessels. Crismina's Fort was a temporary construction and, with the completion of the Oitavos Fort and Agua Doce's Fort, where today is located the Fortaleza do Guincho's Hotelit was abandoned for many years. 

Located on Guincho Road in Cascais, Lisbon, very close to Agua Doce Beach, also known as Crismina Beach, over the years, the Fort has undergone various transformations. However, it has always preserved its original irregular hexagonal architecture, brilliantly utilized by the architects in charge of the reconstruction and requalification project. 

In 2020, it gained a modern and sophisticated touch with its reconstruction and requalification by which currently explores the venue as a specialized event space.

Couple entering by a corridor at the wedding venue in Cascais

A Charming Setting for Your Wedding

O Forte - Guincho Secret Spot offers couples the opportunity to celebrate their wedding in an incredible, exclusive environment with a super elegant and modern atmosphere. 

With a breathtaking view of the sea and the Serra de Sintra, it is a privileged location where you can see all the surrounding beaches (Crismina Beach and Praia Grande do Guincho). At the distance, you can also see the Cabo da Roca lighthouse and the entire southern bank of the Tagus River. It is set on a very rocky terrain that can serve as a beautiful backdrop for an amazing photoshoot. Right next to it, you have access to Crismina's Beach or more adventurous couples who want some beach photos.

 The venue has:

  • Parking for over 80 vehicles;
  • A spacious and glassed-in hall that allows you to enjoy the magnificent landscape;
  • Capacity for over 200 people;
  • An outdoor lounge area sheltered from the sometimes strong winds in the area;
  • Own kitchen and on-site cooking.

Personalized Experience for a Dream Wedding

The team from O Forte - Guincho Secret Spot is managed by, a reference in terms of catering in the Lisbon area! Dedicated to providing couples with a personalized and unforgettable experience, both in terms of service and support, as well as the excellent gastronomic experience they offer to their clients. From the first contact, the space professionals make themselves entirely available to discuss with you all possibilities and meet all your plans and desires.

Detail of the identification plaque for O Forte - Guincho secret spot.

An Unforgettable Wedding in a Secret Place

O Forte – Guincho Secret Spot is the perfect place for couples who want a unique wedding, full of charm and personality but with a touch of beach without actually being on the beach. If you're looking for a space that exudes history, beauty, and exclusivity, the Fort is the ideal choice to celebrate your Wedding day.

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Wedding party at O Forte - Guincho secret spot at Cascais, Lisbon

Surrounding Tourist Offer

Just 2 km from the center of Cascais Village, it is undoubtedly a privileged location! Cascais boasts a tourist and cultural offer that rivals many European cities, with the added bonus of magnificent beaches along its entire length, bathed by the Atlantic Ocean.

You'll find various hotels of all categories, from the most luxurious 5-star hotels to the humblest two-star ones. It also has a wide range of Local Accommodations at your disposal and for your guests who want to spend a few days of rest here.

Only 25 minutes from the center of Lisbon and so close to the romantic village of Sintra, Cascais is the perfect location for a Destination Wedding for couples who value cultural offerings and quality services.

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What Our Clients Say

We had the privilege of photographing the wedding of D||N in this wedding venue in July 2023.
D||N traveled from the USA, Los Angeles, for their Destination Wedding in Portugal, not only because of the charms of our 'corner by the planted sea' but also because, geographically, it was the most convenient place to gather all their guests and family from around the world.

Initially, they had opted for another venue, but on the first visit in person, they were somewhat displeased with what they saw and decided to change the venue for their wedding.

As deep connoisseurs of the area, we recommended Taste for its various options in Lisbon, and the couple contacted them immediately. 

According to them, from the very beginning, the service was exceptional.
The events manager assigned to them showed them all the various venue options in Lisbon available, but D||N immediately fell in love with O Forte – Guincho Secret Spot. It met all their requirements!

The clients later highlighted the super professional service, the tireless follow-up of the events manager, who did everything to meet all their wishes, and did not spare compliments for the food! 

Night view of interior Lisbon, Cascais wedding Venue - O Forte - Guincho Secret Spot
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Now that O Forte – Guincho Secret Spot is no longer a secret and probably the perfect choice for your wedding, get in touch with the venue team and schedule a visit to discover this magical place and start planning your dream day.

Teck Sheet

O Forte - Guincho Secret Spot


Address: Forte da Crismina R. 6 – 2750-642 Cascais - Lisbon - Portugal

Google Maps:

email: [email protected]

phone: +351 213 621 040

Capacity: 200 pax


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Due to our profession, we can consider ourselves true specialists in wedding venues, so we decided to write a series of articles to inform, help, and share our experience with all couples.

For this reason, the information found here does not bind the mentioned venue and does not replace consulting them.

Frequent Asked Questions

O Forte – Guincho Secret Spot is built on the site of an old Forte da Crismina, part of the 17th-century coastal artillery military complex. The location was abandoned after the construction of Forte dos Oitavos. In 2020, it underwent reconstruction by, becoming a specialized event venue, preserving the original architecture and adding a modern touch.

O Forte offers an exclusive and elegant atmosphere with stunning sea views, Serra de Sintra, the surrounding beaches, and the Cabo da Roca lighthouse. It features ample parking, a glassed-in hall for over 200 people, a sheltered outdoor lounge area, and its own kitchen.

Managed by, it is a reference in catering in the Lisbon area. The team is dedicated to providing a personalized experience. From the first contact, the professionals of the space are available to discuss options and meet all the plans and desires of the couples.

Located just 2 km from the center of Cascais, the Forte offers a privileged location with access to a rich tourist and cultural offering. Cascais has a variety of hotels and local accommodations, and being only 25 minutes from the center of Lisbon makes it ideal for Destination Weddings.

Clients, like D||N, who chose the Forte for their Destination Wedding, praised the exemplary service of the events manager, the variety of options offered by, and the quality of service. They also highlighted attention to detail and tireless follow-up to meet their desires.

To discover the magical venue and start planning the day of their dreams, couples can get in touch with the Forte team and schedule a visit. Forte – Guincho Secret Spot ceases to be a secret to become the perfect choice for unforgettable weddings.