Have you ever dreamed of getting married at the beach? Having a stunning sea backdrop behind you, with your feet in the sand, the sound of ocean waves as the soundtrack for the 'I do' moment, and the sea breeze perfuming the air? We know the perfect place, just 25 minutes from Lisbon – Arriba by The Sea is the perfect location to make that dream come true

Se tens seguido o nosso blog já deverás ter percebido que somos residentes em Cascais, Lisboa e por isso conhecemos todos os recantos e maravilhas desta pequena vila banhada pelo oceano atlântico. Trazemos-te o que de melhor temos aqui na terra! 🙂

Breathtaking view of Arriba by The Sea in Cascais, Portugal, the perfect venue for beachfront weddings.

Why Choose Arriba by The Sea

1. Breathtaking Location: Cascais, the Portuguese Riviera.

By choosing Arriba by The Sea as the venue for your beachfront wedding is even more special due to its location in Cascais, a picturesque coastal village just 25 minutes from Lisbon, Portugal. Cascais is not just a destination; it is an experience in itself.

Arriba by The Sea boasts spacious terraces and a roomy hall, perfect for wedding ceremonies, receptions, and parties.

Cascais, a place full of history and culture:

Cascais is known as the 'Portuguese Riviera' due to its rich historical heritage. For many years, it was the preferred holiday destination of the aristocracy, and today it continues to attract thousands of tourists from around the world seeking its characteristic seascape and architecture. Visitors indulge in Atlantic dips and relish delightful dining experiences in the village's magnificent restaurants.
Its privileged location, so close to Lisbon and Sintra, turns Cascais into a perfect tourist destination with a comprehensive and varied range of outdoor activities, magnificent beaches, and a cultural offering that rivals many European capitals.

Geography and Coastal Landscape:

Geographically, Cascais is strategically located on the coast of Lisbon, offering a stunning combination of beautiful beaches and impressive coastal landscapes. Its seaside position provides visitors with a unique opportunity to enjoy various water activities and admire panoramic views of the ocean.

Gastronomy and Cultural Life:

Cascais is a vibrant village, adorned with a diverse gastronomic scene and a rich artistic heritage. While exploring the picturesque streets of the village, visitors encounter a variety of shops, restaurants, and art galleries. Additionally, the village hosts various cultural events throughout the year, reflecting both its history and contemporary vitality.

Tourist Offer:

In terms of tourist offerings, Cascais caters to different tastes and budgets. From boutique hotels like Artsy Cascais to luxury resorts such as Sheraton Cascais Resort, visitors have a wide range of accommodation options. These establishments not only provide comfort but also amenities like spas, exquisite restaurants, and stunning oceanic landscapes. The village also offers a variety of outdoor activities, allowing visitors to explore the natural beauty that surrounds it, whether through bike rides, hikes, or relaxing boat trips.

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2. Arriba by The Sea: A Unique, Different Structure... on the Beach!

Arriba by The Sea is not a common wedding venue.
Its unique structure and location set it apart from any other space you might visit. Here are some highlights:

  • Prime location on Guincho Road in Cascais; 
  • A massive pool overlooking the sea: The pool is the highlight of the venue. Picture yourself and your guests enjoying a cocktail by the pool, with the ocean as the backdrop. The pool is truly a striking feature of this space and provides incredible photo opportunities
  • Spacious Terraces and Hall: The venue features expansive terraces and a large hall that can be used for the ceremony, reception, or party. It offers different options for every moment of your wedding!
Spacious hall with stunning ocean views, ready to accommodate over 200 guests at Arriba by The Sea.

The hall is quite large, with a capacity for over 200 people and an incredible ocean view!

  • Convenient Parking: With ample parking, your guests won't need to worry about finding a place to park. 
Catering team from Casa do Marquês, providing a 5-star gastronomic experience for weddings at Arriba by The Sea.

3. 5-star Catering Service.

Casa do Marquês, a leading catering company in Portugal, is the partner of Arriba by The Sea. Their service is always impeccable, and the cuisine is an experience in itself. From traditional Portuguese dishes to international flavors, the menu can be customized to your liking.

Arriba by The Sea's spacious terraces and expansive hall are ideal for wedding ceremonies, receptions, and parties.

4. Beach Wedding... or Almost!

Arriba by The Sea offers direct access to the beach right next to the venue.
However, for everyone's comfort on such a special day, it features outdoor terraces and an area practically at sea level where you can hold your wedding ceremony... almost on the beach!

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Technical Sheet
Arriba by The Sea – Cascais

Website: casadomarques.pt/

Address: Estrada Guincho, Edifício Arriba, 2750-642 Cascais, Lisbon

Google Maps: https://maps.app.goo.gl/k29rXzKshVC627HJ8

email: [email protected]

phone: +351 217 512 380

Capacity: 200 pax

Frequent Asked Questions

It is advisable to book at least 6 to 12 months in advance notice to ensure availability. The best days and times are in high demand, so plan ahead.

Yes! The Casa do Marquês team offers various options and will work with you to create an ideal menu.

The Arriba by The Sea it is versatile and can accommodate from 200 to 400 guests.

Yes, the venue has an ample parking for your guests

As locals in the area, during the summer months, the best time would be after 5:30 PM.
The area can be a bit windy, especially during the summer months, and after that time, the wind starts to calm. However, the wind is predominantly from the north, and the Arriba building itself acts as a barrier to the wind.


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Beachfront wedding in Portugal, Arriba by the Sea Cascais.

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