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We invite you to explore with us in this article the stunning Quinta da Bichinha.
A charming venue that takes the wedding experience to a higher level of elegance and sophistication, always with a rustic and countryside touch.

Recently we had the pleasure to shoot P|| N 's wedding at Quinta da Bichinha And you can see it on our portfolio.

Lake view at Quinta da Bichinha - Alenquer

The History of Quinta da Bichinha

A Legacy of Beauty and Tradition

As one of the wedding venues previously mentioned by us, we consider it one of the best wedding venues at Lisbon region. Located in Alenquer, only 30 minutes away from Lisbon, Quinta da Bichinha boasts a centuries-old history marked by tradition. In 2003, the ancient wine cellars were transformed into a welcoming and spacious venue capable of hosting a variety of events, from weddings to corporate events. The property is surrounded by extensive vineyards, providing a peaceful setting away from the urban hustle and bustle.

Quinta da Bichinha - rustic and countryside elegance.

Charming Spaces for Unforgettable Ceremonies

Exclusive Halls and Stunning Gardens

All the spaces (indoors and outdoors) at Quinta da Bichinha have been carefully designed to offer options and versatility for different styles of weddings. You can choose to celebrate the ceremony either indoors or in the wonderful outdoor area, with a special emphasis on the lake area. Also, for warmer days, you have the option to have a "Al fresco" dinner at outdoors.
In summary, the options are immense as the spacious halls and gardens provide a perfect and extremely versatile setting for an unforgettable celebration.

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Quinta da Bichinha offers personalized services to turn your dreams into reality

The team at Quinta da Bichinha is highly specialized and available to take care of every detail

By choosing Quinta da Bichinha, you not only secure a stunning venue but also a highly dedicated team committed to making your dreams come true. From what we gathered, personalized services include high-quality in-house catering, decoration, and all the logistical support to ensure your wedding goes smoothly without any hitches.

at Quinta da Bichinha - Alenquer - Lisbon Portugal

Excellent Gastronomical Experience

The culinary delights offered by Quinta da Bichinha are sure to delight your guests.

The carefully crafted menu of Quinta da Bichinha, rooted in traditional Portuguese and Mediterranean cuisine, presents irresistible dishes that will undoubtedly provide a memorable and high-quality gastronomic experience for your guests.

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Elegance and Sophistication with a Rustic and Countryside Touch at Quinta da Bichinha

Perfect Union of Style and Service at Quinta da Bichinha

Quinta da Bichinha embodies the perfect union of elegance and sophistication with a rustic and countryside touch. The elegance is reflected in the charming architecture and decor of the space, while sophistication is manifested in the quality of services offered by the team, ensuring perfection in every detail.

Happy couple on their wedding day at Quinta da Bichinha in Alenquer.

Testimonials from Happy Couples

Real Wedding Experiences at Quinta da Bichinha

We analyzed testimonials from past clients. From what we observed, the majority not only highlights the beauty of the venue but also the professionalism and dedication of the team that made their dreams come true. Everyone mentions the commitment of the management to please and the willingness to provide solutions.

Our Experience at Quinta da Bichinha

For our team, photographing a wedding at Quinta da Bichinha is always a joy. We go there quite frequently!

A place with immense photographic potential where the challenging part is to control ourselves not to get carried away by inspiration. Every angle and every scene calls for a photo (or two or three :P).

Everything can start in the various accommodations that Quinta da Bichinha offers, which can serve as a location for the preparation of the couple. Special attention to Casa da Vinha, which provides a magnificent setting for the bride's preparation.

If the ceremony is civil or symbolic in the space, the lakeside is the privileged location for the occasion, although there are many more places that can serve the purpose.

The abundance of vineyards is an absolutely differentiating factor and, depending on the time of year, a wonderful plasticity that adds a very special touch to your photos.

Not that it matters much, but whenever we go there, we are treated with the same friendliness as any other guest! The entire staff, from management to kitchen personnel, is super attentive, discreet, and very welcoming.

The indoor spaces are incredibly spacious, providing additional comfort for this type of event. Special mention to the permanent LED dance floor, which is quite eye-catching.

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How to Schedule a Visit

Discover the Elegance of Quinta da Bichinha in Person

If you have in mind the idea of having your wedding at Quinta da Bichinha, scheduling a visit is the next and very simple step. Get in touch with the venue to personally explore the charming spaces, discuss your desires, and begin planning the most important day of your life.


Quinta da Bichinha stands out as a truly unique wedding venue, combining elegance and sophistication with a rustic and countryside touch to create an unforgettable experience. If you are planning your wedding and seeking an environment that offers elegance and sophistication, Quinta da Bichinha is undoubtedly an exceptional choice.

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Quinta da Bichinha is just one of the many wedding venues where we have the privilege to work every year. It stands out for its quality of service and staff friendliness, a place we enjoy working at. Due to the nature of our profession, we consider ourselves true specialists in wedding venues. We have decided to write this article to inform and share our experience with all couples.

For this reason, the information contained herein does not bind Quinta da Bichinha nor does it replace consultation with the mentioned event venue to verify the information you may need.

F.A.Q - Frequent Asked Questions

Quinta da Bichinha offers various charming spaces, from spacious halls to gardens and a vast artificial lake, providing versatile options for ceremonies and events of different styles.

Yes, Quinta da Bichinha has its own catering service that stands out for its quality, variety of options, and service, providing a high-quality gastronomic experience for couples and their guests.

Scheduling a visit is easy. Get in touch with Quinta da Bichinha using the contact details on their website ( to schedule an in person visit to personally explore the venue.

Yes, Quinta da Bichinha offers 11 rooms to accommodate wedding guests. Additionally, it provides a picturesque and comfortable house for the newlyweds' wedding night, along with a well-equipped babysitting room to receive and entertain children.

Quinta da Bichinha values the creativity of their couples. However, they provide guidelines on some decoration limitations and allow the hiring of external vendors, ensuring that the celebration truly reflects the preferences of each couple.

The specialized team at Quinta da Bichinha is committed to ensuring perfection from the preparation to the end of the event. Dedicated to providing a seamless experience, allowing the newlyweds to fully enjoy their special day.

Yes, the Quinta da Bichinha is flexible and accommodating to the individual preferences of the couples. From what we gather, they are open to personalized and themed events, creating unique and memorable experiences.

The Venue has contingency plans in case of unfavorable weather conditions to ensure the peace of mind for all your guests. They have alternative spaces and measures in place to ensure the event proceeds without interruptions.